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Detailed Information About Eidoo Coin


Eidoo ‘s goal in this industry is not only to do things that others don’t, but to do them differently in a simpler and, of course, more secure way, to focus on the user experience and to make the complexity of the crypto world more understandable.

How to Buy Eidoo?

Eidoo is, in essence, a multi-crypto currency wallet. To buy Eidoo it is available free of charge from the Google Play Store for Android and from the IOS App Store. The name given to this wallet’s own coin is EDO stop and it can be traded in various exchanges. Coin aims to facilitate cryptocurrency users ‘ management of these assets. Eidoo is currently focusing on Ethereum and ERC20 ‘tokens. Its goal is to include Bitcoin support in the future. Unfortunately, it is not possible to obtain coin by mining process.

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